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9 Great Tips to Increase Your Gunsmith Business


In trying to increase sales and position in the business of gunsmiths, there are certain concepts you need to focus on. It is not okay to simply ‘hang your shingle’ and expect to haul-in customers. Sure, by word of mouth alone, you may attract some business. but certainly not what you can have if you put in the time and effort. If you desire to gain more business, then put forth the effort and your diligence will be handsomely rewarded. The budding business owner does not have to do everything listed perfectly, but you should strive to do your best. By following these tips, you will gain the customers trust as described below.

Here Are 9 Great Tips to Increase Your Gunsmith Business

1. Advertise


Effective advertising sets you apart from the rest. Allocate your advertising dollars efficiently to achieve effective results. Do not simply place all of your money into a single advertising medium. Test the advertiser before you commit large amounts of cash to a single source. These different advertising venues can range from placing Google AdWords to the local mailer and radio spots. It’s all about getting impressions into the minds of your customers. The more they see your business, whether it is in the local paper or heard on the radio, these additional mental impressions add up to more business.

2. Social Media


From gaining a following on Facebook to sending out Tweets, gaining the upper hand in social media can skyrocket your business. Best of all, if you stick to doing the work yourself, these social media circles are free to set up and run. You can streamline the effort if you wish by hiring out daily posts to Facebook and Twitter. Go ahead and pin some pictures of your work and processes on Pinterest. It all adds up to gaining a following to your business or website, or both. Don’t forget your business listing on Google+, as this allows even more local searches, which can really add up!

3. Attend Gun Shows

Become a prominent fixture at gun shows. Spruce up your brand identity and showcase it along with your featured products and services you provide. Get some cheap pens with your contact information on them. People love freebies, and they seem to never turn down pens and pencils. Yes, there are costs associated with purchasing advertising, but it can pay big dividends if you get your ‘name’ out there for your prospective customers. Everybody seems to love pens. Have a display of your particular gunsmith abilities or work you have previously done for other customers. Doing this instills trust of prospective customers.

4. Become Prominent in Gun Clubs

Become a member of the gun clubs in your area, but don’t stop at just becoming a member. Become a part of the club itself. That means, try to be a part of the day-to-day operations within the club. The more exposure you have, the more the members will value your input and expertise. Whether it is providing information on licensing, to repairing their firearms, people look up to those in authority. Being an actual part of an organization will set you apart. People will have additional mind impressions in their brain of your business and that spells additional revenue.

5. Provide the Best Customer Service

The customer is always right. Learn it, breathe it and learn to love it. It is the staple that will keep your customer base, increasing with positive returns. To increase the value to your business, focus on supplying more than what is asked. By doing this, you will earn the respect and repeat business because you went far beyond what the customer expected. “Promise little, but deliver large”.

6. Write for Magazines-Nothing Beats a Feature

Imagine how much perceived authority you will display if you write a well thought-out article in a gun magazine. Just about any magazine will allow the author to link back to the author’s site, which will do your website wonders. (Be sure to include your business or mailing address). A lot of magazines get saved by collectors, especially those with good content such as gun magazines, and since you’re going to be perceived as an authority in the periodical, customers will give you business.

7. Guest Post on Other Gun Sites

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Nothing can get your business more exposure than writing guest posts on other gun related websites. It gives a wonderful chance to increase traffic back to your own website from a link created on the guest post you have written. It takes a bit of effort to gain the trust of other business owners, but once you do, you can write content for their site. Ask for the other business owner to return the favor and link back to your site. They are most likely to do it if there is some benefit to them. Writing a guest post often does this. At the very minimum, you gain new insights how the site was setup. Plus, you can grab some tips that you came across writing on their site. Users of that site will also link back to your site when they show their friends.

8. Become Involved in Regulation Processes at the Local Level


Yes, dealing with bureaucracies is zero fun, but it can lead to increased business. Each time you present your opinion on issues, dealing with gun rights in your local area, you are advertising. This advertising should not be discounted. When testifying to local agencies, your business name is recorded not only in the minutes, but can also be placed in the newspaper. There are times when journalists will need some decent content for their stories and they will often call you for additional information. Be mindful of where in the newspaper the article is written. Is it in the recreational or the opinion section? If it is in the opinion section, then ask you be given the chance at rebuttal.

9. Get Involved With Your Local Gunsmithing Schools

Getting involved with local gunsmithing schools can be a great way to spread your name and can carry many more customers with the relationships you will be building.

It is all about getting your name out there in public, and it can pay dividends. Show the world that you are passionate about retaining your gun rights, and that you value the other peoples input. Some may disagree, but if done correctly, you just might change some minds and gain even more customers.

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