Gun Gods was created to deliver news, stories, tips, tricks, any and all information on guns, ammo and the second amendment.

I’m Greg Mills, I’m in my 20’s and decided to blog about my passion and love for guns. Ever since I can remember I’ve loved going out on the farm and target practicing with my Dad. My first gun may have only been an air rifle or pellet gun, but it was still fun blasting holes in Pepsi cans.

That initial love of guns, turned into a hunting hobby and learning how to customize and adjust my own firearms.

So as you can see this blog is mainly about gunsmithing but I plan to expand on the topics to reach into news, hunting and other avenues. Things have been pretty busy but I plan to pick up on my blog publishing soon, so expect more posts to be coming out.

Besides my love of guns, I weld for a living and am pretty damn good at it. Must be from growing up on the farm.

Enjoy the site and let me know if you have any questions!