Are Online Gunsmithing Schools Worth It?

If you’re on the lookout for a more flexible kind of gunsmithing training program, there are a number of quality online training schools for gunsmiths which will fit both your budget and your schedule. Not everyone has the time and resources to devote themselves to education full time, and between family life and work, it can get really hard to learn a new trade.

Although gunsmithing may look like the kind of field which needs in-class training, this isn’t strictly a necessity. So long as you’ve got the right tools and workbench for following the program through, you can become an able gunsmith through an online training program from the convenience of your own home. Besides saving you time, it will also remove the stress of working during the day and commuting to classes during the nights.

Are Online Gunsmithing Schools Any Good?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide whether you need, or are indeed cut out for, distance learning or not. There are lots of plus points to online education, but some people are better off sticking to the conventional learning system. For a list of the best brick and mortar gunsmithing schools click here. If you haven’t taken an online class before, you may be confused as to whether you should opt for an online gunsmithing course over a traditional gunsmithing course or not. The key is to assess the advantages and disadvantages of online gunsmithing courses, and see which of the two are more relevant to you.

Advantages of Online Gunsmithing Programs


  1. Cost: One of the most prominent benefits of signing up for an online gunsmithing program is that it will normally cost lesser than going to a trade school or community college. If you’re short on cash, this can be a great way of picking up a profitable skill without losing your savings.
  2. No relocation needed: Since you’ll be studying from the comfort of your house, you don’t have to move some place close to school as you would in the case of traditional training programs where physical presence is required each day.
  3. Enrolment: Some schools have online programs in which you can enrol whenever you want, as opposed to the beginning of the academic schedule for conventional programs.
  4. Flexibility: Some online training programs offer ‘at your leisure’ courses which are truly helpful for the driven, diligent individual. If you aren’t focused like that, there are also plenty of structured online programs which will suit you better.
  5. Tempo: You’ll probably see that it is easier to learn things at your own pace, which is certainly what an online school gives you. By delivering courses over the internet in the form of video lectures or instructions, you can learn at a speed which matches your ability to retain knowledge.
  6. Networking opportunities: Lots of people don’t appreciate the networking opportunities offered by online courses. You’ve got the rare chance to present your skills and knowledge which can open up all sorts of doors for building your own professional network. Whether it’s linking up with people of similar interests (potential business partnerships in the making) or offers for internships, scholarships or apprenticeships, there’s a lot of opportunities which probably didn’t exist before.

Disadvantages of Online Gunsmithing Programs


The glaring problem with learning gunsmithing through an online program is that it is a trade craft, with plenty of aspects that require practice and experience to hone.  Just like there isn’t any correspondence course for Ranger School, or a royal road to becoming an expert mathematician, there’s no way you’ll become a professional gunsmith if you don’t practice on the workbench, what’s being taught in the online training course! While Penn-Foster can tell you how a rifle stock is fitted, and AGI can show you how it’s done, you’re not going to be able to do it by just watching / reading about it – you actually have to try it out in order to learn it. On the other hand, traditional trade schools make it binding for you to attend hands-on sessions in their own workshops and labs, so you don’t miss out on practical learning; if you feel that you won’t be able to arrange the tools for practicing gunsmithing lessons at home, you should probably stick with a traditional training program.

There’s also the issue of people dropping out during the course of the online program. The culprit behind this is a lack of dedication, and it won’t be a problem if you’re actually intent on becoming a skilled gunsmith.

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