Best 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

With the ever-increasing popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor rifle, manufacturers continue to flood the market with various ammunition. Not all ammo is created equally and finding the right option for your particular needs and budget can take serious time and effort. While you may not be in the market to spend a fortune on your ammo, you don’t want to settle for something cheap, either. Basically, you want to find something that is high quality while still in your price range. That’s why you have to do your research to determine the best 6.5 Creedmoor ammo on the market.

A Quick Look At Our 11 Best 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

What To Look For In 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

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The ammo for a 6.5 Creedmoor should have far less drop than a .308, since it is lighter weight. You’ll want to consider the range of the ammo in comparison with your needs. For example, much of the ammo available caters to hunters, who need longer-range ammunition. Note that, the lighter the cartridge, the better range and speed you’ll get from it.

However, if you’re not looking for long range hunting ammo, you can also find options better suited for target practice and competitive shooting. This is also one instance in which a brand name can make a difference. Some brands of ammo have made a better name for themselves throughout the years, making sure they provide high quality and reliability.

Top 11 Best 6.5 Creedmoor Ammo

When you’re looking for the best 6.5 Creedmoor ammo, start with these options. Take a look at the specifications and features so you have a better grip on what type of ammo might work for your needs.

1. Hornady American Gunner 140GR Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 140
  • Muzzle Energy: 2249
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2690
  • Rounds: 50
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Hornady American Gunner 140GR Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammo provides great reliability and is an all-around excellent choice for anyone interested in working with a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. The hollow point bullet is quite versatile, working well for a number of applications, including target shooting, hunting small game or varmint, and even self-defense. The ammunition is designed with propellants that are precisely matched to each load, which ensures superior ratings for pressure, velocity, volume, and consistency.

Consistency is assisted by not only the use of high-quality materials but with the addition of a great primer. These bullets come in a 50-count box, unlike many of its competitors which only offer 20 or 200 count, so it’s a nice number if you’re only wanting to try something new the first time on a test basis. If you decide you like it, it’s fairly affordable, especially since it’s good under a number of circumstances for multiple uses. Whether you’re new to 6.5 Creedmoor rifles, new to rifles in general, or an old pro in either area, you’ll find the Hornady American Gunner 140GR Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammo suitable for your needs.

Who Should Buy Hornady American Gunner 140GR Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammo?

Those on a budget with just a little breathing room who are looking for incredible accuracy and bullets that are great for any purpose, regardless of your preferences, will get the most out of Hornady American Gunner 140GR Boat Tail Hollow Point Ammo.


  • All-purpose bullets
  • Precise and accurate manufacturing
  • Tight group measurements


  • Possible issues with consistency

2. Federal Gold Medal Berger 130GR Hybrid OTM Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Match Hybrid OTM
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 130
  • Muzzle Energy: 2386
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2875
  • Rounds: 20
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The Federal Gold Medal Berger 130GR Hybrid OTM Ammo are highly sought after, especially among Precision Rifle Series competitors, due to its overall incredible performance under pressure. This particular ammunition is created specifically for use in loaded ammo with COAL constraints for magazine feeding. Muzzle velocity is increased by a considerable amount by the ogive design as well as with the boat tail feature, reducing drag and sectionalizing density.

Performance is enhanced by the quality materials, which include Federal brass and Gold Metal match primers, as well as a propellant that is specially formulated. These give excellent pressure, velocity, and accuracy that is unmatched in the industry. The boat tail design also creates a high ballistic coefficient which in turn provides the flattest trajectories, less wind drift, and surgical long-range accuracy. All bullets are loaded to Federal Premium’s tightest specifications. Purchase in quantities of 20 or 200, depending on how confident you are that these will be a great match for your needs.

Who Should Buy Federal Gold Medal Berger 130GR Hybrid OTM Ammo?

Those who are interested in tight groupings with precision and accuracy for competitive purposes are going to be highly excited by the performance of Federal Gold Medal Berger 130GR Hybrid OTM Ammo. It’s also ideal for using your 6.5 Creedmoor for mid-range big game hunting.


  • Extremely consistent performance
  • Super tight groupings
  • Excellent for competitive shooting


  • Could be a little heavy for long range use

3. Sig Sauer Elite Match 140GR OTM Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Open Tip Match (OTM)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 140
  • Muzzle Energy: 2061
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2575
  • Rounds: 20
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With Sig Sauer Elite Match 140GR OTM Ammo, you get high performance on a strict budget that allows you to make your mark with confidence. Whether you’re competing in long range rifle target shooting or intend to take out that buck this season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the quality of this ammunition for the price. This particular ammunition is an outstanding performer out to 1,000 yards and beyond, complete with a high .535 ballistic coefficient helping it cut through the air like a knife in butter.

Even better, these rounds have been loaded in a way that you should experience a reduction in recoil compared to other ammo on the market, which is pertinent when considering the beating you can take from a powerful rifle. This ammunition features dependable primers, clean burning propellants, and copper jacketed bullets that remain intact on impact. While you can purchase a box of 20, you’re likely to want plenty more where that came from and should consider investing in the 200-count box from the start. These are great in practice or in the field and won’t let you down.

Who Should Buy Sig Sauer Elite Match 140GR OTM Ammo?

Those who are looking for great quality on a budget, or those who value savings while still getting a great bang for the buck in terms of accuracy and long range dependability, are going to have the greatest appreciation for the Sig Sauer Elite Match 140GR OTM Ammo.


  • Incredible accuracy at long range
  • High performance level
  • Excellent choice for those on a budget


  • Slower velocity than average

4. Norma Match 130GR Hollow Point Boat Tail Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Hollow Point Boat Tail (HPBT)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 130
  • Muzzle Energy: 2346
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2851
  • Rounds: 20
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While Norma Match 130GR Hollow Point Boat Tail Ammo is best suited for hunting, it’s also a great all-around ammunition that can be optimally used in competitive shooting as well. By using multiple top-quality components, the ammunition has become one of the best available specifically for the 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. Reloadable Norma brass is used with a 130-grain hybrid match hollow point tail bullet, which work together to create the ultimate ammunition for absolute accuracy.

You get a high ballistic coefficient, meaning you have little loss of velocity and a bullet that cuts easily through the air to reach its target at the intended point of impact with little to no drop over long range. The formation of the ammunition is so precise that you get consistent, reliable performance from round to round and box to box without question. Test out the ammo to see if you like it by purchasing a 20-count box or invest in your future ventures with a 200-round box.

Who Should Buy Norma Match 130GR Hollow Point Boat Tail Ammo?

Norma Match 130GR Hollow Point Boat Tail Ammo is going to be most popular among those who value the quality of brass in their ammunition and aren’t afraid to spend a little extra to get top quality cartridges. This is also ideal for those who want guaranteed accuracy when hunting or competing in long range shooting environments.


  • High quality brass cartridge
  • Consistent, reliable performance
  • Excellent accuracy for long range hunting


  • A bit on the expensive side

5. Federal 140GR Whitetail Centerfire Rifle Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Match Hybrid OTM
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 130
  • Muzzle Energy: 2386
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2875
  • Rounds: 20
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If you’re hunting large game, especially elk or whitetail deer, you can’t go wrong with the construction and performance of Federal 140GR Whitetail Centerfire Rifle Ammo, which is really affordable by comparison to other rounds intended for big game hunting. The cartridge is easily lethal to large game, with long range accuracy, high power, and high velocity, with an enhanced soft-point bullet with a concentric jacket loaded inside.

The 140-grain bullet weight is also optimal for a high ballistic coefficient that allows for excellence in maintaining heading and velocity without concern for wind shift or other weather elements. Because of its careful construction and proven reliability, this has become one of the most popular ammunition choices at Precision Rifle Series events, showing how well it works in competitive scenarios. If you’re ready for high quality performance, save a little money by getting the 200-count box instead of buying the smaller – and higher cost – 20 count box.

Who Should Buy Federal 140GR Whitetail Centerfire Rifle Ammo?

Those who are looking for an ideal cartridge for large game hunting at long range and don’t want to compromise consistent accuracy while still assuring affordability will have the greatest appreciation for Federal 140GR Whitetail Centerfire Rifle Ammo.


  • Accurate and consistent performance at long range
  • Great for larger game, like whitetail deer or even elk
  • Inexpensive in comparison to similar rounds


  • Sometimes doesn’t load properly

6. Nexus 142GR Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Match King BTHP
  • Muzzle Energy: 2418
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2770
  • Rounds: 20
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Nexus 142GR Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo is built to suit, taking into consideration the shooter’s needs for controlling activities and assuring they have precision and high tolerance for ideal use in any circumstances. This ammunition is suitable for almost any purpose, especially competitions requiring extreme accuracy over long range and for hunting at long range. Handloading is quick and easy, and you’ll find that this is one of the best factory-made ammunition choices available for 6.5 Creedmoor rifles.

Who Should Buy Nexus 142GR Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo?

If you’re not looking to make your own ammo and want the best ammo you can get frome the factory at a reasonable price, you’ll find the Nexus 142GR Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo is right up your alley. It’s ideal for those who have ample practice with using 6.5 Creedmoor ammo and perfect for long range shooting. Much of this is due to the proprietary method Nexus Ammo uses for creating incredible tolerance and vital performance.

One of the best things you’ll find when it comes to Nexus 142GR Sierra Matchking BTHP Ammo is that it’s quite reasonably priced, allowing you to easily invest in larger amounts without fear that you’re overspending or won’t be pleased with the overall performance.


  • Top notch factory ammo for most Creedmoor rifles
  • Very accurate at long range
  • Reasonably priced


  • Might have trouble loading initially

7. Hornady Match 140GR ELD-Match Ammo

  • Bullet Style: ELD-Match
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 140
  • Muzzle Energy: 2283
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2710
  • Rounds: 20
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If you’re looking for ammunition that’s been tested under the most rigorous quality control processes in the industry to assure that you get the best premium quality and performance, take a look at Hornady Match 140GR ELD-Match Ammo. Testing has provided the opportunity to assure that every round has properly seated bullets, consistent charges, and proper pressures so that every time, the round delivers optimal velocity and maintains the most precise accuracy.

You’ll find that this is great ammunition year-round, since it is seemingly weather tolerant, with performance not affected by heat or cold, allowing you to have impeccable grouping, incredible velocity, and reliable accuracy. The high ballistic coefficient is aided by a heat shield polymer tip, which creates lower drag and higher rates of accuracy as well. While Hornady Match 140GR ELD-Match Ammo may be a little pricier than some other options, it’s entirely worth the slight added cost, and you’ll love it so much you should opt for the 200 count box rather than testing the 20 count box and craving more.

Who Should Buy Hornady Match 140GR ELD-Match Ammo?

Hornady Match 140GR ELD-Match Ammo is best for those looking for perfect grouping and high velocity, as well as those who hunt or compete in all types of weather. It’s a great choice for experienced marksmen who want high performance ammunition.


  • Great muzzle velocity
  • Does well regardless of temperature or weather
  • Impeccable grouping


  • May not be accessible on a tight budget

8. Winchester Expedition 142GR Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammo

Winchester Expedition Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammunition 6.5 Creedmoor 142gr AB 2700 fps 20/ct
  • Bullet Style: AB
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 142
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2700
  • Rounds: 20
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As a hunter, you need something designed with the purpose and intent of penetrating thick hide and bone, which entails proper quality construction as well as high velocity and power. Winchester Expedition 142GR Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammo gives you just that, a hunter’s dream when it comes to accuracy and force at long range. It’s top notch when it comes to flat shooting and accuracy that is bullseye pinpoint predictable every time.

With its single round knockout power, it’s great for humane hunting purposes, packing the punch to do the job quickly and effectively. While the price may seem high, there are few ammunitions out there that can offer this sort of power and performance with reliable accuracy as well, and that makes the Winchester Expedition 142GR Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammo worth every penny. And for the particular type of ammo, you really aren’t paying much at all.

Who Should Buy Winchester Expedition 142GR Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammo?

Winchester Expedition 142GR Big Game Long Range Rifle Ammo is best for those who need the ultimate stopping power and penetration to bring down big game in a single shot. It’s ideally suited for tight groupings and great long-range accuracy.


  • Great for long range hunting of big game
  • Excellent velocity
  • Tight groupings


  • A bit on the high side in terms of price

9. Magtech Ammunitions FMJBT Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 140
  • Muzzle Energy: 220
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2660
  • Rounds: 20
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If you’re in the market for full metal jacket ammunition, check out Magtech Ammunitions FMJBT Ammo. A full metal jacket with boat tail, this particular ammo is constructed to be more precise and durable, with the boat tail design reducing drag so you get full velocity and energy for longer range, accurate shooting.

The increased precision and maintained trajectory mean less point of impact shift, so you have ideal aim and can take down big game at a distance in a clean, single shot that is humane. While you may find that initial velocity is slightly lower than some other types of ammunition, the slowdown is almost nonexistent, so you get full force on impact. This particular ammunition is perfect for hunters as well as those participating in long range shooting competitions.

Who Should Buy Magtech Ammunitions FMJBT Ammo?

Those who are seeking ammunition that will be precise at long range without any drag will be most pleased with Magtech Ammunitions FMJBT Ammo. It’s also the best full metal jacket ammunition available for the 6.5 Creedmoor.


  • Boat tail format to reduce drag
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Ideal bullet weight for 6.5 Creedmoor


  • Lower velocity than some competitors

10. Barnes Bullets VOR-TX Ammo

  • Bullet Style: TTSX-BT
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 120
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2910
  • Rounds: 20
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Using Barnes Bullets VOR-TX Ammo with your 6.5 Creedmoor gives you incredible power with the precision and velocity you need for perfection in accuracy. You get the same quality in a factory loaded cartridge here as you do with hand loaded rounds in other ammunition. With double diameter expansion, the impact tears through hide, bone, and tissue so you can take down big game in a single shot.

You’ll find that grooves in the bullet’s shank reduce pressure and improve accuracy, and the instant expansion on contact beats any other bullet you’ll find in that aspect. The nose peels back, creating a configuration of 4 sharp petals that get the job done, and with the absolute accuracy of this ammunition and insanely high velocity, you’ll be thrilled with the performance.

Who Should Buy Barnes Bullets VOR-TX Ammo?

Barnes Bullets VOR-TX Ammo is best for those who struggle with accuracy and need an extra leg up in that area, especially those who are hunting big game. It’s also great for those who need ideal velocity and are willing to pay a little extra to get the highest quality out there for big game hunting.


  • Designed for improved accuracy
  • Extremely high velocity
  • Excellent for large game hunting


  • Quite pricey

11. Lapua Scenar OTM Ammo

  • Bullet Style: Boat Tail Hollow Point (BTHP)
  • Bullet Weight (Grains): 123
  • Muzzle Energy: 2134
  • Muzzle Velocity (feet per second): 2790
  • Rounds: 50
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Lapua Scenar OTM Ammo is popular among law enforcement, tactical users, and competitive shooters, with reliable operation and incredible accuracy. Built to have a high ballistic coefficient, you can be sure you’ll get continued velocity with less drag and optimal point of impact precision. This is due to a sleek design and cartridge overall length, which also offer reliability in function and feed. You can expect to easily hit targets accurately at over 600 yards. With this sort of performance, you can’t go wrong in any application with Lapua Scenar OTM Ammo.

Who Should Buy Lapua Scenar OTM Ammo?

Lapua Scenar OTM Ammo is best suited to those who are looking for something reliable and accurate, especially when in the competitive sport and working with long range targets. If you want great drag reduction based on the aerodynamics of your ammunition, this is also a suitable choice.


  • High ballistic coefficient
  • Reliable function and feed every time
  • Precise and accurate


  • Best for competitive and tactical applications



The type of 6.5 Creedmoor ammo you need is very dependent upon your purpose in shooting. However, there are tons of high-quality options that are both targeted to specific uses as well as great for multiple purposes. Take the time to look through these, consider your budget and how often you’re firing your rifle, and find the right statistics and configurations to coincide with your intentions.

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