Best BCG For 300 Blackout

Finding the right BCG for any gun can be difficult, since there are so many to choose from. For the 300 Blackout rifle, it’s even harder because a ton of those available are low quality, which means they aren’t exactly a great fit. Because the BCG is as important to your rifle as the engine is to your car, not having the best BCG for your 300 Blackout rifle can render your gun practically useless. The BCG should make your firing patterns smooth, reducing the likelihood of glitches and jams significantly. It should also create an easy reloading process. So, how can you know if you’re choosing the best BCG for 300 Blackout rifles?

A Quick Look At Our 9 Best BCG For 300 Blackout Rifle

What To Look For In A BCG For 300 Blackout


There are certain aspects of the BCG you need to look for and consider for comparison before making your purchase. After all, if your firearm constantly malfunctions, it can be a nuisance or even a real problem. Of course, you have to keep your budget in mind, since you could technically spend a small fortune on a BCG. But in sticking to your budget, you should still assure that you choose optimal materials. The best options tend to be high quality steel and aluminum. Another major factor is the type and ease of installation, since you don’t want to struggle with this or even make a mistake.

Top 9 Best BCG For Your 300 Blackout Rifle

As you start your search for a BCG for your 300 Blackout rifle, consider these options carefully, so you have a better idea of the best BCGs on the market.

1. Brownells M16 Mil-Spec MP Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Matte Black, Phosphate
  • Bolt: Carpenter 158 steel
  • Carrier: 8620 hardened steel
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The Brownells M16 Mil-Spec MP BCG offers quality on a budget, with excellent construction and performance. It is a full assembly, including the bolt, bolt carrier, cam pin, firing pin, fire retaining pin, and gas key. One of the best things about this particular product is the series of rigorous tests it’s put through for quality control, assuring you get the best possible, flawless product. This helps in assuring that you aren’t just saving money with the lower cost but also getting a great piece of machinery.

Because the entire assembly is heat treated and shot peened, you can guarantee you’ll get a durable, long lasting piece of equipment for your 300 Blackout rifle. The gas key is staked, using an extractor that has red O-rings with springs for easy use. The interior of both the bolt carrier key and the actual bolt carrier are lined with chrome, which provides a smooth area and less friction during use. All the gas key screws are torqued and staked so there’s no need to make adjustments for prime performance.

Who Should Buy a Brownells M16 Mil-Spec MP BCG?

The Brownells M16 Mil-Spec MP BCG is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great bolt carrier group that gives you a lot of bang for your buck. It’s good if you’re looking to spend less and still get extreme durability and reliability.


  • Great for users on a budget
  • Extremely reliable for a low cost BCG
  • Highly durable


  • Ejector spring can weaken quickly
  • Pins may not be secure

2. Anderson Manufacturing M16 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Black
  • Bolt: 9310 steel
  • Carrier: 8620 steel
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The Anderson Manufacturing M16 5.56 BCG is well crafted and hardworking to assure you hassle free use and stellar performance, especially with 300 Blackout rounds. Several steps are taken to assure durability, so that this BCG will hold up to just about any beating. You start out with a bolt and carrier crafted from the highest quality steel, which is then internally lined with chrome and the exterior finished in matte black phosphate.

The assembly is then heat treated and shot peened, all of which adds up to insane durability and the ability to withstand corrosion and other nasty problems caused by weather elements and consistent use. On top of that, the bolt is a magnetic particle inspected for quality and reliability. The extractor has an O-ring insert for ease of extraction. The matte black finish is ideal for the BCG to blend in with almost any 300 Blackout rifle. The entire assembly includes the bolt, the extractor with spring and O-ring and pin, the firing pin and retaining pin, the gas key with screws, the carrier, the cam pin, and the ejector with spring and roll pin.

Who Should Buy an Anderson Manufacturing M16 5.56 BCG?

The Anderson Manufacturing M16 5.56 BCG is ideal for those looking for an easy to install accessory that is reliable with no jamming issues or other problems. It’s perfect if you’re expecting a tough, rugged piece that won’t let you down.


  • Flawless performance with 300 Blackout rounds
  • Reliable and accurate at 100 yards
  • Strong stakes


  • Gas key sometimes requires re-staking

3. 2A Armament AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Black QPQ Nitride
  • Bolt: 9310 steel, heat treated, MP, Cryo'd, QPQ Nitride
  • Carrier: 8620 steel, heat treated, QPQ Nitride
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The 2A Armament AR-15 BCG is a great blend of lightweight and rugged, making sure you’re not carrying too much added weight while also ensuring long lasting durability. To create a reliable, rugged piece that you can trust to keep up with you and your 300 Blackout rifle regardless of your needs or the elements you’re in, the entire BCG assembly is machined from high quality, durable steel. Each piece is heat treated and shot peened, and then run through a series of tests to assure functionality without hiccups.

The array of testing gives you complete trust in the performance of this BCG. Because it’s a drop-in unit, installation is quick and easy, allowing you to get started firing right away. It’s adjustable through the port door without the need to disassemble the rifle, and it fits with a number of parts, such as various barrel lengths, different springs, and a wide array of suppressors. There is no need for a gas block with this particular BCG, either.

Who Should Buy a 2A Armament AR-15 BCG?

The 2A Armament AR-15 BCG works well for those who don’t want to disassemble a rifle just to make a minor adjustment and who are looking for a sturdy product that can take a beating and keep going. If you want precision with 300 Blackout rounds, you’ll love this BCG.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Lightweight and accurate


  • Very high price

4. PSA 5.56 Premium Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 300 Blackout
  • Finish: Black phosphate
  • Bolt: Mil Spec Carpenter 158 steel
  • Carrier: Carpenter 158 steel, chrome & phosphate lined
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The PSA 5.56 Premium Full Auto BCG is optimized to work with 300 Blackout rifles and offers a blend of reliability, accuracy, and extreme durability. The black phosphate finish and chrome lined interior are more than just aesthetically pleasing. They help assure durability and long-lasting performance, as well as assuring the BCG is resistant to both corrosion and rust. This gives you a longer life on the piece that could otherwise be compromised.

The product is run through strict testing for quality, including shot peening, and this assures no defects as well as high quality manufacturing standards being met. The gas key is tooled from grade 8 hardened steel and is staked per mil spec. This particular BCG is at the top of the list when it comes to avoiding failures, such as jams and misfires. You get a great bang for your buck, literally, with a lower price tag than some competitors.

Who Should Buy a PSA 5.56 Premium Full Auto BCG?

The PSA 5.56 Premium Full Auto BCG is good for anyone who is looking to stick to a budget and still get great reliability. This is especially true if you need accessories that are going to last a very long time.


  • Holds up to a beating
  • Low to no jamming issues, reliable
  • Chrome lined for longevity


  • Very basic BCG
  • Fit and finish are not perfect

5. Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 300 Blackout
  • Finish: High luster bronze
  • Bolt: Mil Spec Carpenter 158 steel
  • Carrier: Carpenter 158 steel
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The Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze BCG offers something a little flashier that also maintains incredible performance that goes above and beyond expectations. The bronze coating – one of six that are available for this particular BCG unit – and all the others are more than aesthetically designed to please. The coatings actually help regulate the temperature while firing your 300 Blackout rifle for improved performance. In addition, this BCG helps reduce recoil from your rifle with a little added weight and stability.

It helps ensure a smooth firing operation and consistent cycling without jams so you have stellar performance every time you pull the trigger. The chrome lining on the interior adds to the smoothness and reliability as you fire rounds, as well as preventing damage to the unit and resisting rust and corrosion. With wear resistance and self-lubrication, you can get faster consistent cycling performance.

Who Should Buy a Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze BCG?

If you’re willing to spend a little more for a highly reliable BCG that will last you at least a dozen years, the Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze BCG is the product for you. It’s perfect for anyone looking for durability, temperature control, and flawless performance with 300 Blackout rounds.


  • Finish is absolute perfection
  • Can last decades due to solid construction
  • Great with binary triggers


  • Pricey

6. Rubber City Armory M16 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Black nitride
  • Bolt: 9310 steel
  • Carrier: Titanium
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The Rubber City Armory M16 BCG is a reliable and durable piece that keeps your weight down overall and allows you to have security in performance with your 300 Blackout rifle. It’s made to interface with pretty much any standard M16 or AR-15 components, making it highly versatile so you get more out of it. The carrier is tooled from titanium, which is lighter weight than some metals, and it means the entire assembly weighs less than 8 ounces. It’s coated in a proprietary aerospace nitride that adds to its rugged durability, giving it greater resistance against wear and tear. The bolt is crafted from sturdy 9310 steel, which is one of the toughest metals on the market. With a properly staked and torqued billet gas key, you won’t need to make any adjustments here.

Who Should Buy a Rubber City Armory M16 BCG?

The Rubber City Armory M16 BCG is a good choice for anyone who wants a lightweight, highly durable product. If you’re looking for guaranteed performance with 300 Blackout rounds, you’ll find it hard to beat this BCG.


  • Coated for wear resistance and durability
  • Gas key is perfectly staked and torqued
  •  Lightweight


  • High price tag

7. Prime Weaponry M16 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Matte black
  • Bolt: 9310 Vac-Arc Steel, Nitride Coated
  • Carrier: 8620 Steel, Nitride Coated
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The Prime Weaponry M16 BCG offers improved performance due to the materials used in the construction of the bolt with both standard and nonstandard materials. The carrier is towed from 8620 steel, but the bolt is crafted out of 9310 Vac-Arc premium carburizing steel. This has a higher core hardness than standard 9310 steel, as well as higher fatigue strength, making it hold up under rapid fire for long periods. An additional protective factor against damage, including corrosion and rust, is the nitride coating. To assure quality control, the BCG is shot peened, magnetic particle inspected, and high pressure tested. The extractor insert has an upgraded Crane O-ring, and the gas key is staked to mil spec standards. It’s compatible with AR-15 and M16 platforms for use with 300 Blackout rounds.

Who Should Buy a Prime Weaponry M16 BCG?

If you’re looking for durability against damage, as well as reliability even under continuous fire, the Prime Weaponry M16 BCG is a great choice. With great construction and a high grade, durable nitride finish, this BCG is a great choice if you don’t mind spending a little extra for excellent performance.


  • Strong plated nitride coating
  • Stands up against potential fatigue
  • Great durable construction


  • Price is a little high

8. Odin Works AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Black nitride
  • Bolt: Case-hardened 9310 steel
  • Carrier: 8620 Steel, Nitride Coated
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The Odin Works AR-15 BCG is a great opportunity to avoid the need for excess lubricant that can easily attract dirt and lead to clogging and cause more problems with smooth firing than it assists. All surfaces of this bolt carrier group are coated with a black nitride finish, which keeps them smooth with low friction so performance in firing is better with less lubricant. This BCG is designed for use with AR-15 platforms that can utilize both 5.56 NATO and 300 AAC Blackout rounds.

The carrier is machined from case hardened 8620 steel, and the quality carries over to the 9310 case hardened steel of the bolt. Add a gas key crafted from 4130 steel and attached via grade 8 hardware, and you have a perfectly tooled BCG for longevity and durability. The steel firing pin is hard chrome coated for both appearance and protection against elements and other compromising factors.

Who Should Buy an Odin Works AR-15 BCG?

The Odin Works AR-15 BCG is great for those looking for compatibility with 300 Blackout rounds, as well as other cartridges, and it’s ideal if you’re willing to spend a few extra dollars for the smooth finish and extra detail to assure firing without a hitch.


  • Gas key staking requires no adjustment
  • Smooth firing with no lubrication required


  • Priced on the high side

9. D.S. Arms M16 Bolt Carrier Group

  • Cartridge: 223 Remington, 5.56 mm NATO, 300 AAC Blackout
  • Finish: Nickel-Teflon
  • Bolt: MPI 9310 material
  • Carrier: 7075 T-6 Aluminum
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The D.S. Arms M16 BCG is based on the standard mil spec BCG design that has been further improved through the addition of multiple upgrades and features. With a look at the FAL Battle Rifle, you’ll find that this BCG builds on that design, using L1A1 style sand cuts on every load bearing surface of the carrier.

This means you can easily cycle out any dust, dirt, debris, sand, or other hazardous material that has found its way into the BCG. Using 7075 T6 aluminum and MPI 9310 steel for the carrier enhances the performance of the overall piece, which includes a complete bolt and carrier (with a properly staked gas key), cam and firing pin, firing retaining pin, and gas key. Due to the aluminum used in construction, this BCG is lightweight, coming in at less than ¾ of a pound. The BCG is best used with H1 or H2 recoil buffers, depending on the length of the 300 Blackout gas system and gas port diameter. You may also want to take into consideration the ammunition you intend to use.

Who Should Buy a D.S. Arms M16 BCG?

The D.S. Arms M16 BCG is ideal for those looking for a lightweight BCG that is tooled for durability. If you hate cleaning your accessories and don’t want to worry about jams or clogs from dirt, this is the BCG for you.


  • Added sand cuts to filter out dirt and dust
  • Enhanced material construction for lighter weight
  • Diverse use with multiple rounds


  • No interior chrome lining


Cryptic Coatings Mystic Bronze Bolt Carrier Group

Obviously, several components of a bolt carrier group matter when it comes to finding the proper accessory for your 300 Blackout rifle. You’ll want to consider weight and recoil suppression, and most importantly, the grade of the materials used. The more friction free the platform, the less lubrication you’ll need for proper functionality, which then decreases the likelihood of dirt and dust buildup that affects performance. Budget is also a concern, so you’ll want to shop for a BCG that is durable to last for several years while also being reasonably priced.

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