Best Powder For 300 Blackout

Firing your 300 Blackout rifle should be an enjoyable and satisfying experience, which means you want to have a reliable firearm, high quality shells, and powder that packs a punch. Of course, the market is flooded with different powders that may or may not be compatible with your 300 Blackout. In addition, out of the various options for powder that are compatible, some are not going to give you the firepower you need for your purposes. So, you have to be careful and do your research prior to choosing the best powder for 300 Blackout rifles.

A Quick Look At Our 5 Best Powder For 300 Blackout

What to Look for in Powder for 300 Blackout

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There are two types of powder on the market today, single base and double base. Both types contain nitrocellulose, but only double bases also incorporate nitroglycerin. This gives it greater power overall, which is usually a good call when working with a 300 Blackout rifle. When you decide to purchase powder for your 300 Blackout, you’ll first need to know if you have a subsonic or fully automatic firearm. You need to have a powder that’s compatible with your cartridges and round type.

Also, if you’re on a budget, price could come into play. Make sure you can find the best bang for your buck, and don’t let yourself overspend. Are you using a rifle or a 300 pistol? Do you have a bolt action, single shot rifle? All of this matters as you choose your powder, since it doesn’t make sense and might even be unsafe to use, for example, powder meant for an AR-style rifle in a single shot mechanism.

Top 5 Best Powder For 300 Blackout

If you’re struggling with choosing the right powder, take a look at this list and learn more about the best powder for 300 Blackout rifles so you can make an informed decision and be satisfied with your purchase.

1. Hodgdon Powder Lil’ Gun Powder


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Hodgdon Powder Lil’ Gun Powder was actually designed originally for use with 410 rounds, though it has proven to be quite versatile in terms of working with several different types of rifle rounds, as well as making a bang with some handheld pistols, pun intended. This particular powder offers a solid blend of controlled power, trustworthy accuracy, high velocity, and great overall performance. It is also extremely consistent in its performance, so you can rely on how things will go with every shot you take. Another solid advantage of the powder is that it’s known for leaving little to no residue behind, meaning that you won’t have to clean your 300 Blackout rifle very often.

When you do need to clean on the rare occasion, the powder comes off very easily. Unlike many powders, you have multiple size options for purchase. For a chance to try it out without hefty investment, you can purchase a one-pound bottle. If you don’t use your firearm all the time, you may want to purchase the four-pound bottle, so you don’t run the risk of it losing potency. Or, if you’re an avid shooter, the eight-pound bottle is likely the right choice for you, allowing you to bulk up your stock for heavy use.

Who Should Buy Hodgdon Powder Lil’ Gun Powder?

Hodgdon Powder Lil’ Gun Powder is great for anyone looking to use a powder that’s versatile but pairs well with 300 Blackout cartridges. If you want something that is easy to load or reload, and you don’t mind paying a little more for superb quality, this is an excellent choice of powder.


  • Highly accurate at 100 yards
  • Tight 300 Blackout round shot groups
  • Easy to load and reload without spillage


  • A little pricier than the average powder for 300 Blackout

2. IMR Powders 4227 Smokeless Powder


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IMR Powders 4227 Smokeless Powder is an ideal choice for those looking for a powder to use with reloadable 300 Blackout rounds. This particular powder is very similar to what is used in military firing and mil spec weaponry, so you can count on both accuracy and velocity when using IMR powder. Also, the smokeless powder is great for hunting, allowing you greater visibility with less feedback, as well as less issues with having to clean up residue.

You have options of sizes of bottles for this powder, which means that, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose the smaller one pound bottle to hold you over until you can invest in the larger eight pound bottle, which will last a very long time without losing potency. It’s also well priced so you don’t have to worry about overspending. If you have military style rounds, this is a great option for you.

Who Should Buy IMR Powders 4227 Smokeless Powder?

IMR Powders 4227 Smokeless Powder is ideal for hunters looking for extreme accuracy and velocity to assure they hit their targets on the first try. It’s excellent in performance with 300 Blackout rounds and is a good option for something long lasting and versatile for use with other types of rounds as well.


  • Versatile for hunting large or small game
  • Can be used with some pistol rounds as well
  • Perfect for mid-range Blackout rounds


  • May not burn completely, leaving some residue

3. Hodgdon Powder H110 Powder


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Hodgdon Powder H110 Powder is perhaps one of the most powerful powders you can put into a 300 Blackout round, to the point that, when firing, you’d best be on your toes and ready for it. With this power, however, comes unbeatable performance, with silhouette shooters touting it to be the most accurate 44 powder they have ever come across. This means that whether you’re a competitive shooter or a hunter, you’re more likely to hit your target every time you fire your rifle.

The brand is perceived as highly reliable, and it’s great for both 410 bore shooters and 300 Blackout rounds used for mid- or long-range shooting. In addition to being one of the highest performance powders available for 300 Blackout rifles, it’s also affordable, meaning you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to get high quality powder. Find options for one-pound bottles for trial purposes or for light use, or eight-pound bottle if you’re a frequent flyer.

Who Should Buy Hodgdon Powder H110 Powder?

Hodgdon Powder H110 Powder is best for experienced shooters looking for increased power with sustainable accuracy and high velocity, typically for hunting large game at mid-range or long range, as well as competitive shooters who need something they can count on for incredible accuracy during competitions.


  • Easy to load in Blackout cartridges
  • Superior accuracy
  •  Ideal for mid-range and long-range rounds


  • Might not be best for shorter range shooting

4. Alliant Powder Power Pro 300-MP Powder


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Alliant Powder Power Pro 300-MP Powder may not have been originally designed for 300 Blackout rounds but has proven to be a solid, reliable, and powerful powder for these popular cartridges. The powder was intended at the start for Magnum handguns, but it has become popular for other types of ammunition, including 300 Blackout rounds, because of its high velocity. This powder is lightweight, so it doesn’t add unnecessary weight to your rifle or your rounds, which helps increase the velocity and, by extension, the accuracy when you fire.

You can duplicate factory rounds with this powder, making it preferable to some other powders available. The powder is versatile and can also be used with .44 or .357 rounds. This is one of the few high-performance powders that is made in the United States. It’s available in a small one-pound bottle for those not looking to heavily invest, as well as a larger eight pound bottle for those who are big time hunters or competitors who find themselves constantly needing to load and reload your cartridges.

Who Should Buy Alliant Powder Power Pro 300-MP Powder?

Alliant Powder Power Pro 300-MP Powder is perfect for those who feel that velocity is the key element to performance with 300 Blackout rounds and are looking for improved density to their powder for more efficient metering and loading. If you want something that’s versatile to use with other rounds, this might be a great choice for you as well.


  • Great fit for factory rounds
  • Excellent velocity
  • Ideal for mid-range and long-range shooting


  • Leaves some residue behind

5. Hodgdon Powder CFE Blk Smokeless Rifle Powder


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Hodgdon Powder CFE Blk Smokeless Rifle Powder is one of the few powders that has been designed specifically for optimum use with 300 Blackout rounds, though it is also great in some other cartridges as well. It works better than almost any other powder with subsonic rounds and is insanely lightweight, which increases performance by not weighing down your firearm or your rounds. Outside of 300 Blackout rounds, this works ideally for varmint hunting rounds.

You’ll find that it doesn’t leave behind copper residue that has to be cleaned later, and what little other residue is left will be easy and swift to clean. If you don’t want to heavily invest in this powder right away, you can try the one-pound container, and when you’re ready, you can buy in bulk with an eight-pound container available. This powder is very fine and easy to meter for less spilling and greater accuracy in filling your cartridge.

Who Should Buy Hodgdon Powder CFE Blk Smokeless Rifle Powder?

Hodgdon Powder CFE Blk Smokeless Rifle Powder is ideal for anyone wielding a 300 Blackout rifle, with low weight, high accuracy, little residue left to clean (for longer shooting performance), and perfect velocity with subsonic rounds.


  • Cleans off your firearm easily
  • Doesn’t leave copper residue behind
  • Works well with varmint hunting cartridges


  •  More reliable for subsonic rounds than supersonic rounds Pros


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It’s vital to know what your purpose is with your 300 Blackout rifle prior to choosing the best powder for it. After all, someone looking to fire subsonic rounds will need something different than someone looking for a versatile powder that works with multiple cartridges and is best for 300 Blackout supersonic rounds. In addition, big game hunters won’t want the same specifications as those hunting varmints or competitive shooters.

Having the right idea of how you’ll be using your powder for 300 Blackout rounds is essential to choosing the best powder for the job. With these options above, it’s hard to steer yourself in the wrong direction, with something for every purpose described here. Take your time to consider your needs and what these powder options have to offer, and make a good, informed decision about what to purchase.

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