Best Taurus G2C Accessories

The Taurus G2C semi-automatic pistol has become increasingly popular because of its compact size that is great for concealed carry as well as its reliability, making it perfect for home security and personal defense use. It’s a durable weapon that’s inexpensive and easy to use, even for those who aren’t well versed with firearms. As such, the market has been flooded with accessories that make both owning and using the pistol more fun and accurate. Depending on your use, as well as your level of expertise, you may find that some accessories may be more beneficial to you than others. How do you know the best Taurus G2C accessories for your purposes?

A Quick Look At Our Top 7 Taurus G2C Accessories

What to Look for in Taurus G2C Accessories

Tactical Scorpion Gear G2C Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster

Perhaps the first step in determining what accessories are beneficial to you is to think about how you use your Taurus G2C. Are you a competition shooter, into long range target shooting? Do you use it mostly outdoors or at indoor ranges? Maybe your G2C is for home defense purposes.

Various accessories will improve performance for different purposes. In addition, look at the quality of the materials used, choosing those that are designed well to last. You want your accessories to be as durable and long lasting as your gun.

Also, price will be a factor, since you probably have a particular budget in mind, and you want to make sure you can purchase all the bells and whistles that will give you prime results.

Top 7 Best Taurus G2C Accessories

Here’s a list of some of the best accessories we’ve found for various purposes.

1. Tactical Scorpion Gear G2C Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster

Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster: fits Taurus Millennium G2 PT111 PT132 PT138 PT140 PT145 PT745 G2c
  • Holster type: Paddle
  • Material: Self-lubricating polymer
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
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The Tactical Scorpion Gear G2C Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster is ideal if you’re looking for a concealed carry accessory that offers you a quick draw option. Great for both personal protection as well as tactical purposes, the holster has a safety locking mechanism to avoid misfires or accidents while also providing ample support for your Taurus G2C. It has a super low profile that makes it easy to conceal. It utilizes self-lubricating polymers and is combat proven for excellence. Conceal in a boot, on your belt, or on the back of your pants for versatility. This is a perfect companion for MOLLE armor plate carriers as well.

Who Should Buy a Tactical Scorpion Gear G2C Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster?

The Tactical Scorpion Gear G2C Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster is most aptly applied in tactical situations or for concealed carry purposes with your Taurus G2C pistol. Those who want safety, quick draw, and versatility of location will benefit from the holster.


  • Versatile for multiple concealed carry operation
  • Quick draw application with safety mechanism included
  • Affordable accessory


  • May require additional purchases and add-ons for various conceal locations

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2. MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader

MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader (Select Your Magazine)
  • Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 2 inches
  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 0.6 ounces
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The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader helps those who are practicing at the range with quicker load speed so you can fire continuous rounds. This particular speedloader is compatible with several Taurus models, including the G2C, and it provides a perfect fit so there are no misfires or difficulty with alignment.

The high-quality polymer construction makes it both lightweight and durable so you can achieve long lasting success without worrying about lugging around something heavy. In addition, it’s designed with ergonomics in mind so that you don’t suffer any finger soreness with grip or loading. There’s also an easy load assist to further achieve this simplicity and lack of pain overall. The dimensions are fine tuned in more than two dozen dimension settings to assure proper fit and comfort.

Who Should Buy a MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader?

The MakerShot Custom Magazine Speedloader is best suited for those who don’t want to waste any time with rapid fire at the gun range. It’s also great for those who struggle with loading their Taurus G2C based on deficiencies in grip and dexterity, as well as those who want to keep their home security pistol unloaded until danger comes calling and need to quickly and easily load the pistol.


  • Thorough quality assurance for a perfect fit
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use and comfortable grip
  • Inexpensive for the quality design


  • Not for unlimited use

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3. HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo

HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo (Air Craft Grade Aluminum USB Rechargeable Built-in Battery) for Subcompact and Compact Pistols Handguns
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Material: Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Distance: 50 meters
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The HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo is a great outdoor tool with some indoor application use. With a green laser sight that has an intense wavelength, you get long distance targeting ability in daylight that helps to improve your accuracy drastically with its precise direction. With the added combination of the LED flashlight, you have incredible visibility at night, which is great for tactical use.

The flashlight also includes a strobe setting in case you need to be quickly located due to danger. Both devices are powered by a single built in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing one. With that battery at full charge you get about 2 hours of use, which is practical for all intents and purposes. There are adjustments for windage and elevation, and the button for activation is implemented for easy ambidextrous operation.

Who Should Buy a HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo?

The HiLight P3GL 500 lm Strobe Pistol Flashlight & Green Laser Sight Combo is ideal for those who like to practice long distance pistol target shooting at the outdoor range, as well as those who need a good outdoor laser as well as visibility at night for tactical purposes.


  • Dual flashlight and laser for day and night visibility
  • Long laser life
  • Rechargeable battery powers both devices


  • Laser doesn’t function well in low or no light
  • Battery life is a bit short

4. ArmaLaser Taurus Laser Sights

ArmaLaser Taurus PT111 / PT140 Gen 2 Laser Sights Up to 17% Off w/ Free S&H
  • Laser Color: Green
  • Material: Zytel FRN Polymer
  • Distance: 50 ft
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ArmaLaser Taurus Laser Sights incorporate technology that makes use intuitive and natural from the moment it’s installed on your Taurus G2C. This True-Touch Technology activates the laser any time you naturally grip your weapon, so there’s no need to be concerned about separate on-off operation. This advanced operation accompanies ease of installation, which is simple to do by yourself and takes less than five minutes.

Each of the laser sights comes factory pre-sighted for immediate use. If you do want to turn the green laser off, simply hit a kill switch that overrides operation. Polymer construction is durable for longevity of use, and it can take a bit of a beating without any damage. The battery door is easily accessible, so you don’t have to unmount in order to change the batteries. Due to the grip activation, it’s nearly impossible to turn the beams on while in a holster or pocket.

Who Should Buy ArmaLaser Taurus Laser Sights?

ArmaLaser Taurus Laser Sights work best outdoors in daylight and are ideal for outdoor target shooting and in some tactical applications. Those who are just starting out and want to improve their aim without spending a fortune, and who need something that mounts quickly and sturdily would benefit from this particular accessory.


  • Quick, easy mount with a tight fit
  • Grip activation so you don’t have to worry about a switch
  • Also available in red, if desired for indoor use


  • Not expensive, but might be difficult on a budge

5. Viridian E-Series Red Laser Sight

  • Laser Color: Red
  • Material: High Strength Thermo Molded Polymer
  • Distance: 25 yards in daylight, 1 mile at night
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The Viridian E-Series Red Laser Sight is a streamlined, compact, low profile laser design that is intended specifically for use with compact concealed carry firearms like the Taurus G2C. It’s configured to be model specific and mounts to the trigger guard so that it doesn’t add to the overall profile of your concealed carry while still providing excellent service. The red laser is ideally used indoors and can be very useful for home security as well as personal protection.

The control switch is accessible for ambidextrous access and has an automatic shutoff after five minutes to preserve battery. At the same time, the battery lasts up to 6 hours during continuous use. Even in daylight, you can get about 25 yards of visibility, while night offers up to a mile of targeting. The windage and elevation adjustments are easy to use, and when you go to aim, you get quick and reliable target acquisition so you’re never lagging.

Who Should Buy a Viridian E-Series Red Laser Sight?

The Viridian E-Series Red Laser Sight is great for anyone looking for a better aim for personal or home protection or in tactical applications. It’s great for indoor target practice, as well, with some short-range outdoor capability as well.


  • Red laser powerful enough to have some daylight visibility
  • Long battery life
  • Easy trigger guard installation for concealed carry purposes


  • A bit on the pricier side

6. ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm 15-Round Magazine

  • Rounds: 15 rounds (also available in 32 round size)
  • Material: Heat Treated Carbon Steel
  • Weight: 1 pound
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The ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm 15-Round Magazine may have been built for another Taurus model but is configured in a way that it also fits the G2C, which is ideal, since this is a great spare magazine to have. It’s highly durable, so it can stand up to any conditions and treatment without concern for wear and tear. It’s made of heat-treated carbon steel, which is also rust and corrosion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damage based on weather, either. To add to this, it’s treated with a durable black oxide finish.

The internal spring is crafted from heat treated chrome silicon wire, combined with an injection molded follower. You can choose from 15 or 32 round capacity, so you always have plenty of extra ammunition on hand in a bind or for that day at the range when you just need a few more quick shots.

Who Should Buy a ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm 15-Round Magazine?

The ProMag Taurus PT-111 G2 9mm 15-Round Magazine is great for anyone who wants to keep a separate, larger capacity magazine with an unloaded gun for home protection, as well as for those in tactical positions who want a reliable extra clip. It’s also good for a day at the range.


  • Highly durable construction
  • High capacity of 15 or 32 rounds
  • Affordable, even on a budget


  • Not created specifically for the G2C but with a good fit

7. TRUGLO – Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets

  • Laser Color: Green & White
  • Material: CNC Steel
  • Distance: 100 yards
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The Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets make visibility a breeze, even in the darkest areas, so you’ll never have to worry about locating anything again. They’re designed to fit a standard holster and fit your Taurus G2C and other Taurus handguns. They are designed to resist snagging, making it less likely to disrupt your draw or damage your firearm or the sight.

Because of the glow in the dark design, there is no need to buy or worry about batteries and battery life. This gives you visibility under any shooting condition. The Swiss tritium utilized creates maximum brightness, while a coating of fortress Finish provides permanent protection and durability of the entire piece, so you have scratch and dent resistance.

Who Should Buy TRUGLO – Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets?

Taurus Tritium Night Sight Sets are ideal for those who need to locate their Taurus G2C in the dark and extremely low lighting without worrying about battery operation. It’s ideal for home security purposes, as well as for camping.


  • No batteries required due to glow in the dark design
  • Affordable purchase price
  • Incredibly durable and can stand up to almost anything


  • No off switch, which could lead to exposure in tactical situations


Best Taurus G2C Accessories

There is such a vast array of accessories for all intents and purposes that work with the Taurus G2C that we simply couldn’t cover all of them, or even all the different types of items you can buy. However, when it comes to usefulness to the masses and those who are more common and frequent users of the G2C, these are some of the most popular and useful items on the market. Take a look, and if it’s not one of these you need, maybe it will at least spark an idea of what would be better for you.

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