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5 Lessons We Can Learn From The “American Sniper”

In war, we are revealed so nakedly that who we are as individuals becomes obvious. The impossible circumstances, often violent, that swirl in war could easily wear any individual down, and it is not hyperbole

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Top 5 Recent Second Amendment Wins

Throughout 2014, there were a spat of gun related crimes which gave anti-gun advocates something to protest about. However, these protestors were quick to overlook the number of crimes which were prevented

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Police Officers Wife Shoots Burglar in the Groin

I always enjoy stories like this, burglars, robbers, thieves getting what they deserve, especially when they are as dumb as this guy.  This past Wednesday, a Virginia man broke into a family’s home.

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Impossible Odds to Get a Gun Permit in D.C.

Watch the latest video at It seems the only reason Emily was able to get a gun permit in Washington D.C. was because of her ability to prove that she was in a dangerous situation. She

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