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Police Officers Wife Shoots Burglar in the Groin


I always enjoy stories like this, burglars, robbers, thieves getting what they deserve, especially when they are as dumb as this guy.

 This past Wednesday, a Virginia man broke into a family’s home. He had probably burgled dozens of homes before. He had likely trespassed more than that. But this time would be very different.

This time, he broke into the home of a police officer.  And the officer’s wife was ready for him.

Thirty minutes after Allie’s husband left, the thug tried repeatedly to force his way through the front door.  He even called out and tried unsuccessfully to persuade her to open the

He used tactics such as saying “Let me in, baby we’re ok, we’re ok. They’re out to kill me.” and that’s when her instincts kicked in.

Allie, who did not want her real name used, was home alone with her child so she quickly “latched the top lock, ran to the back, called 911 and got my gun.”

As she was running to get her weapon, Allie heard a loud crash that sent chills up her spine.  The terrifying noise came from her baby daughter’s room.

Allie immediately ran to protect her baby and saw the man coming through the window in her daughter’s room.  She reacted immediately. She was prepared for this.


After the man started to charge she did what she had to.

She pulled the trigger two times while on the phone with 911, hitting the intruder in the hand.  The brave mother fired again and hit the man in the groin area. He was finished.

Allie was glad the man did not break in earlier, “It was only about 30 minutes that I had her down before this all happened. She could have been in here playing and he could have busted in and fell on her or anything.”

Allie recognized the importance of being prepared to protect her home and family with a firearm, “Had I not been able to protect myself with the gun, I don’t know what he would have done to me.”  (H/

Because her husband is a police officer, Allie had joined him at the firing range. So she was prepared and ready to defend her home.

police car

“I don’t know what he would have done to my daughter, there’s no telling, but I’ll never have to find out because I stopped the situation,” Allie said. “All I knew is I wanted to stop him from hurting me or hurting my daughter.”

The suspect is still in the hospital where he is being treated for life-threatening injuries.

We applaud Allie and are grateful to her for taking a dangerous criminal off of the streets.  She just proved the importance of being equipped and prepared to protect one’s home and loved relatives.


Who would have thought a shot to the groin would be life threatening? Share this if you applaud “Allie’s” courage and excellent aim!!!

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