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Top 5 Recent Second Amendment Wins


Throughout 2014, there were a spat of gun related crimes which gave anti-gun advocates something to protest about. However, these protestors were quick to overlook the number of crimes which were prevented just because the would-be victim was carrying a firearm. Here are five such incidents where the presence of a gun at the spot saved the day and prevented loss of life and property:

Bat Wielding Attacker in Walmart Stopped by Concealed Carrier

baseball bat

A Washington man was taught the lesson of never bringing a melee object to a gunfight. A man carrying a concealed firearm defended himself from the assailant who assaulted him with a baseball bat, in front of his children.

Local media reports say that the 32 year old would-be victim was shopping with three children at a Wal-Mart outlet in Yakima when he was assaulted with provocation from a stranger who stuck him with a metal tee-ball bat.

The victim did not sustain an injury, but he put to good use, his concealed carry permit, according to police.

A store security officer reportedly discovered the would-be victim standing over the assailant, who he had forced to lie on the ground by pointing his weapon at him. Police arrived after a short while and arrested the 30 year suspect, and put him behind bars at Yakima County jail, with a bail of $30,000 set on him.

This incident is a typical example of defensive gun usage. Without even firing a single shot, let alone hurting / killing anyone, the would-be victim was able to stop a tragedy. This type of event is often excluded from defensive gun use statistics that normally focus on justifiable homicides, which paint quite an aggressive picture by themselves.

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Concealed Carrier Able to Retreat to Safety From Armed Robbers

A man in Arkansas was able to use his concealed firearm to ward off multiple armed robbers last year.

A witness nearby, Harry Richards, reports that he was playing pool in his garage when the firefight in the street began. Richards says that it’s a quiet residential neighbourhood he lives in, and the gunshots reminded him of Vietnam.

According to Conway police, James Allen, 34, was approached by armed robbers outside his house on Joyner Drive. The victim didn’t want to speak on camera, but did say that the two men approached him and demanded money from him as he was walking towards his car. When the victim reached for his concealed weapon, they opened fire. He returned fire and started to retreat. Police say that Allen fired 20 rounds in the middle of the street to cover his escape.

As with the incident above, this is a typical example of defensive gun usage which isn’t included in defence statistics, no one was shot/injured/killed but the victim was able to prevent loss of life and property.

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Homeowner Wins in Gunfight Against Two Armed Robbers, One Robber Shot and Both in Custody


A Texas homeowner was forced into a gunfight by two armed burglars. The fight concluded with one of the assailants shot and both of them in jail. The homeowner did not suffer any injury.

The Garland Police Department reports that the gunfight happened just past 7 am, on March 27th, 2015. Police got a 911 call about gunshots in block 5200 of Hollow Bend Lane.

Upon their arrival at the sport, police officers were informed that several men had entered the home with the intention of robbery, according to Garland PD’s Public Information Officer, Joe Harn. Shots were exchanged between the homeowner and the robbers during the robbery attempt.

None of the residents were injured but according to police, a burglar was shot.

Once again, there was no loss of life in this defensive use of a firearm.

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Liquor Store Clerk Schools Armed Robber in Life Choices Pertaining to Robbing Liquor Stores

The store clerk at Kute’s Liquors, Louisville, Kentucky, was prepared for the life or death situation he was put in by an armed robber. Local media reports that when the robber aimed his weapon at the clerk, the clerk shot him straight in the chest. The attempted robber beat a retreat, heading to Baptist Health Urgent Care on Taylorsville Road, where he was found by the police in the parking lot. The authorities then took him to University Hospital for medical attention. The present medical state of the suspect is unknown. Read more here.

Man Shoots and Kills Teenager Who Raped / Attempted to Rob His Neighbour


An Alabama woman’s house was broken into by three armed men, at least one of whom was a teenager. She was held at gunpoint, raped and robbed.

The woman’s ordeal came to an end when she told the criminals that her money was with a neighbour. According to the police, the neighbour dialled in 911 when the victim and her attackers arrived at his doorstep. The attacker reportedly ordered the man to get off the phone, fired a couple of shots in the air and pointed his weapon him.

Things may have taken a turn for the worse then, had the neighbour not promptly acted in self-defence and used his own firearm to shoot the teenager in the chest, leaving him dead.

The neighbour was released from police custody after questioning and the victim received treatment at a hospital. The other two assailants are still at large and the identities of the involved parties have been kept confidential.

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